Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Constable at Moodbidri abetting goondas
MANGALORE: A police constable at Moodbidri police station helps goondas by indirectly supporting the atrocities against the Dalit community, alleged Dalit leader M A Naik at the SC/ ST monthly grievance meeting at the Commissioner’s office on Sunday.
Accusing constable Dhanraj of being a goonda supporter, Naik said that though Dalits had filed cases against the goondas, the accused managed to come out clean as they were supported by Dhanraj. Such constables should be transferred, he said adding that the murder of two Dalit women was still unsolved at Moodbidri.
�DCP (Crime) Dharmaiah assured of taking stringent action against the constable if the allegations were proven.
�The department is doing all it can to trace the miscreants with regard to the murder, he said.
DSS state committee member P Keshav said that though the government had been providing loans to the SC/STs to purchase auto rickshaws, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) had not been providing them with permits.Dharmaiah said the police department had no power to ask the RTA to issue permits.We can inform them about this during the next meeting of the RTA, he assured.
Dalit Rights Committee city secretary Lingappa Nanthoor said title deeds should be provided to those residing on government land.If the district administration evicts these people, they should be provided with alternative land, he urged.Another Dalit leader said that a month ago, a traffic policeman on duty near PVS Circle abused a Dalit for a silly reason.When the DCP sought the exact date and time of the incident, the leader could not recollect the details.
DCP Dharmaiah then said that people who work in the police department are also human beings and sometimes worked under pressure.
�People should cooperate with the police, and before filing allegations, full details of the incident should be given.

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